The 10 Commandments of Marketing Automation


To successfully implement marketing automation follow these 10 commandments;

1. Choose a platform that meets the requirements of your team and your business.

One size fits all is not deal to choose. Look for features that are of significant importance and find platform that match those.

2. Do proper planning and strategizing before implementation.

Do your proper planning and take time for understanding the platform you choose for marketing automation.

3. Appoint a Marketing Automation leader to give right direction to efforts

Appointing a leader will help training the team about the proper usage of the marketing automation system .

4. Create well-though out buyer personas

Develop understanding about what your customers as well as prospects are looking for and wish to read.

5. Develop content according to the journey of buyers

The content delivered to the leads should be suitable for the point where they are in their cycle of buying.

6. Ensure to integrate Marketing Automation seamlessly with your CRM.

It is essential that marketing and CRM should be integrated properly which helps in understanding engagement level of leads as well as customers.

7. Integrate sales in discussions about content & collaborate with sales to determine the best lead nurturing strategy.

Through collaborative working of sales and marketing, it is possible to design best strategy for converting leads into your paying customers.

8. By doing A/B testing, gauge what your audience responds to.

Through testing of your content, call-to-action, ads and landing pages it is possible to understand the best marketing appraoch.

9. Keep a constant track and review of your campaigns for maximizing engagement and ROI.

Through this information, you can conduct effective reviews as well as can make changes in you marketing campaigns to achieve maximum CRO.

10. Love your Marketing Automation platform.

You should love and put efforts in marketing platform in which you make investment every day.



The 10 Commandments of Marketing Automation
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The 10 Commandments of Marketing Automation
To successfully implement marketing automation follow these 10 commandments
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