What is Marketing Automation


The term ‘Marketing automation’ has different meanings for different people. In reality, the idea of marketing automation is simple and easy, although there are extensive variations in its execution. This makes it at the same time simple as well as complex. It is done by huge organizations and also by single person businesses. Whether small r large, it always has the same goal that is to automate the past complex tasks of marketing so that it becomes easy to send out the right messages, to the right people and at the right time.

The Marketing automation process is all about making use of the software for automating the communication process with your clients as well as with prospects that drive them further towards the buying path whatever you are selling whether it’s a product, service or just a contribution to a cause. It includes marketing through email but its not like traditional email marketing and does not involve the disreputable practice of subscribers “spamming”.



What is Marketing Automation
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What is Marketing Automation
The term ‘Marketing automation’ has different meanings for different people.
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